Oral Health Care Professionals, LLC
2033 Ogden Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60515
P: (630) 963-6750 F: (630) 963-6761

Oral Health Care Professionals, LLC
2033 Ogden Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60515
P: (630) 963-6750
F: (630) 963-6761


At Oral Health Care Professionals, LLC we continually strive to be the best dental office you have ever experienced.  Detailed below are many of the reasons we feel we've been able to set ourselves apart from the rest of the dental profession.  Although all these reasons are of vital importance, the most significant is our relationship with YOU!

Mission Statement:

"To provide true comprehensive family dentistry of quality and care unmatched by any dental practice in the western suburbs of Chicago."

  • Office Excellence
    • We are a relationship driven practice - not an insurance driven practice
    • Continually building relationships with patients in the community since 1980
      • Many children from the early days of the practice are now bringing THEIR children to our office
    • Customer Care
      • Patients are family - not another file in the computer or a smile in our chairs
      • Warm greeting by first name upon arrival
      • Building personal relationships with our patients at every visit
  • Clinical Excellence
    • Skilled in every aspect and subspecialty of modern dentistry
      • Insures patients receive all available options while planning their treatment with our dentists
      • Often patients can receive ALL aspects of treatment "in-house" without having to visit multiple dental specialists
    • Doctors that possess exceptional training & have received numerous accolades
      • Please view our doctor biographies HERE for further details
    • Hygiene and administrative staff that have worked in our office for many years
      • A staff averaging 14 years at our office providing familiar faces at each patient visit.
      • A staff that ACTUALLY enjoys working together year after year is proof positive of a great team
    • Technologically modern office equipment & techniques to provide the most cutting edge care available
    • Exclusive usage of only high-end Chicagoland dental laboratories to afford maximum customization and quality control.
  • Community Excellence
    • Tooth Fairy Day - Introducing young children to the dentist since 1987.  Click HERE for further details.
    • DuPage Community Clinic - Volunteering/serving the uninsured and working poor of our community.  Click HERE for further details.
    • Dental Speaking engagements - Local schools, churches, mother's groups, and more
    • Community event sponsorships - Local high school events, Heritage Fest, Bonfield Run, baseball team, and more
  • International Excellence
    • Alliance for Smiles - Members of our staff donate their time/energy to fly internationally and correct cleft lip/palate concerns in impoverished countries.  Click HERE for further details.

Questions or Comments?
We encourage you to contact us whenever you have an interest or concern about our services.