2011 FADI

In 2011, Dr. Jackson was 1 of 27 American dentists to be selected and bestowed Fellowship in The Academy of Dentistry International (ADI) in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Fellowship in the Academy is extended by invitation only and is granted in recognition of a dentist’s altruism within the profession. The Academy may bestow Fellowship on a person who has notably contributed to the advancement of the dental profession in one or more ways, such as: Clinical Practice; Research; Education; Public Service; Literature or Journalism; and Service to the Profession.  The membership of the ADI includes many outstanding individuals in the dental profession who have a desire to give back a significant portion of what they have reaped.  Upon approval, the Board of Regents awards the honor at a formal convocation ceremony at the Academy’s annual meeting.  

Once inducted, a Fellow in good standing is authorized to use the letters “FADI” after his/her name.

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