2011 FICOI

In 2011, Dr. Jackson was awarded a combination Surgical & Restorative Fellowship in The International Congress of Oral Implantologists at that year's annual meeting in Chicago, IL for his skills and accomplishments in both surgical and restorative aspects of implant dentistry.  In order to achieve achieve Fellowship, a dentist must:

1) provide a listing of 20 completed implant cases (both surgical & restorative), all of which must be at least 12 months old, for evaluation by the ICOI's Credentialing committee. 

2) Provide documentation of completion of 75 hours or more of implant education in the preceding five years. 

3) Provide a letter of recommendation from a current ICOI Fellow, IPS Master, ICOI Diplomate, or member of ICOI's Credentials Committee. 

4) Submit a current Curriculum Vitae. 

To maintain the Fellowship, a dentist must maintain their membership in good standing and must attend at least one ICOI/IPS sponsored or co-sponsored meeting every three years as well as accumulate 75 hours or more of implant education within five years after becoming an ICOI Fellow.  Once inducted, a Fellow in good standing is authorized to use the letters “FICOI” after his/her name.

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