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Importance Of Children's Oral Health

When you need a family dentist in Downers Grove, IL, look no further than Jackson Family Dentistry, where you will find Dr. Eric Jackson and Dr. Jeffrey Wascher who care about the oral health of your children as much as you do! Read on to find out just how important children’s oral health is. 

Baby Teeth Are Incredibly Vulnerable

Baby teeth usually start to come in at approximately six months old, and they are all in at about two years of age. Due to the fact that these baby teeth are replaced at some point with adult teeth, some parents and guardians don’t think they’re important. 

Yes, it is hard to get a young children to brush their teeth, but these baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth. Believe it or not, taking care of the baby teeth can help protect the adult teeth from early harm. Start brushing those baby teeth as soon as that first one starts to breakthrough! If they are used to the process early on, they will be more used to the entire routine.

Dental Disease Can Be Prevented

All teeth are at risk of dental diseases like cavities, gingivitis, and infection, but baby teeth are that much more vulnerable to these diseases. Therefore, your family dentist in Downers Grove, IL, wants to ensure you understand these teeth to be protected early on. Your child’s daily routine should include brushing and flossing, as this will help to prevent dental disease from occurring. 

Speech Development Can Be Improved

The importance of your child’s oral health goes far beyond the appearance of their teeth and potential dental disease. Believe it or not, a good oral hygiene routine can help improve their speech development. When teeth form inappropriately or are lost prematurely (often due to decay), it can negatively impact a child’s ability to speak properly, especially when it comes to pronouncing words effectively. In severe cases, speech impediments may be developed. 

Get Oral Hygiene Right During Childhood with Progressive Dentistry

Establishing good habits is key to good oral hygiene with your child. If you have any questions, call Jackson Family Dentistry at (630) 963-6750 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jackson or Dr. Wascher, your local family dentist in Downers Grove, IL.

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